Believing ing God- scientific explanations

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Believing in God


Agnosticism- not being sure whether God exists.

Atheism-believing that God does not exist.

Scientific explanations of the world

  • Matter is eternal, it can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed.
  • About 15 billion years ago, the matter of the universe became so compressed that it produced a huge explosion (the Big Bang)
  • As the matter of the universe flew away from the explosion, the forces of gravity and other laws joined some of the matter into stars and the solar system was formed.
  • The combination of gases on the earth's surface produced primitave life forms, like amoeba.
  • The genetic structure of these life forms produces changes(mutations).
  • Any change that is better suited to living in the enviroment will survive and reproduce.
  • Over millions of years new life forms were produced leading to vegetation, the invertebrate animals, then vertebrates and finally humans evolved.

How the scientific explanation of the world may lead to agnosticism or athiesm

Science can explain where the world came from and where humans


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