Believing in God RS unit

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Believing in God


You might as well believe.- If you believe in God and then find you are wrong you haven’t lost anything but you have made the world better in the process

The World is so well designed.

God gives a point to life.

Endless time.

Nothing comes from nothing.

God makes people good.


Create your own purpose

Evil and suffering.

Don’t be misled.

Religious upbringing

Christian upbringing-key features

Christian schools- Christian ethos

Holy Communion-Take bread and wine in church, reminds of Jesus’ death on cross.

Confirmation- Make baptism promises for self, chance to tell other people in public that you are a Christian.

Parents Example-Christianity not just for Sundays, influence in life, respect for parents means a respect for Christianity.

Baptism-Water is a sign of Jesus washing away sin, reminds us of Jesus.

Going to church- Chrurch helps Christians to help each other and encourage each other. Opportunity to pray, sing; learn from the bible and praise. Filled with lots of different people.

Prayer-Communication is vital, talk to God as father, Pray for children and they help them to pray, answers prayers, showing dependence on God.

Bible stories- Gods word, read everyday, advice and help, bible notes to help understand.

How it supports belief in God

If you have a Christian upbringing, belief will appear natural to you. You have always been told God exists and people around you who you respect such as parents and friends believe in God as well. As a child you would have no reason not to believe.

Seeing other people pray and worship will make you feel that because they are doing this God must exist. Also going to a Christian school with a Christian ethos would make you likely to feel that God is there as it would be a normal feature of life. Being confirmed would support your belief in God as you have lessons and you learn more about his existence and what he does. You may also possible have a religious experience when the bishop puts his hand on you.

Let us not give up meeting together... but let us encourage one another. Hebrews 10

Muslim Upbringing

First words heard are ‘Allah is great’

Family and others around you pray five times a day

At Ramadan your whole family fasts.

You would be taken to a mosque school (madrasah) and take Arabic and learn the Qur’an God’s word.

Aware that people’s lives are changed by believing in God.

This leads to it being natural to believe in God and you have it as part of and have no reason to question.

Religious experience

Conversion- When your life/religion is changed.

Miracle-An event that breaks the law of science so the only answer is God

Numinous- The feeling of the presence of something greater and more powerful than you.

Prayer- Attempt to connect and speak to God or ask for something or be forgiven, usually through unspoken or spoken words.

Conversion example

Muhammad- Muhammad believed in one God


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