Beliefs in Society - Postmodernism and Religion

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  • Transformation for modern society to postmodern society has profound implications for religious organisations and they way religion is practiced.

Religion and modern society

  • The type of society they argue existed before the emergence of postmodern society.
  • (a) Modern society is dominated by an industrial economic system focused on factories producing manufactured goods.
  • Modern society began with the industrial revolution.
  • As industrial society developed, so too did other chacteristics of modern societies:
  • (1) urbanisation
  • (2) a meritocratic society based on universal rules, especially examinations and qualifications
  • (3) a centralised government
  • (4) the nation-state
  • (b) Moderin society is dominated by particular approaches to knowledge.
  • Three types of belief systems:
  • (1) Science - high status - underpins the standard of living in modern societies.
  • (2) Political ideologies - ideas about how we should organise our economies.
  • (3) Religion - Christianity.
  • (c) People's identities are shaped by social influences over which they have little or no control such as:
  • social class
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • nationality
  • In modern societies, people are usually born into a religion - they do not choose it.

Postmodern society

  • (1) Economic Systen - manufacturing industry in the UK is in decline.
  • (a) Production has undergone globalisation…




This is excellent! It just provides this all-rounded summary of Postmodernism! So useful for cramming! Thank youuuuu! :)

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