Beliefs about Deity (Philo 1)

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Beliefs about the nature of God...

Christians believe God is made of 3 parts / persons


- God who is Father - The transcendent creator

- God who is Son - Jesus who is immanent and God in human form

- God who is Holy Spirit - Immanent but impersonal

People think that it's hard to say what God is like as he isn't human. If we described him in 'human' terms, it makes him less special and God-like.

When words can limit God like this, it is called Anthropomorphism

God is...

Transcendent and Eternal

Omnipotent (powerful)

Omniscient (knowing)

Omnibenevolent (good & loving)

A Judge

Reasons for believing in God...

Ontological argument - we can't think of anything greater than God

Cosmological argument - universe must


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