beliefs and values

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Importance of belief in tawhid

  • expressed in the shahadah so holds importance for muslims 
  • reminds muslims of their one god and keeps them on the straight path of islam
  • one of the main beliefs and regarding anything or anyone as equal to allah is shirk
  • encourages muslims to be the best they can be so they can be judged on the last day


  • shirk is the sin of regarding anyone or anything as equal to allah
  • it is a sin because it says that someone is as powerful as allah
  • allah should be the most important part of a muslims life and if they put money above him it shows they're not truly dedicated

importance of allah being compassionate

  • if allah wasnt compassionate then people would fear him and may be pushed away from the religion
  • if a muslim commited a sin- he would not attempt to ask for forgiveness he would give up as allah wouldn't let them into paradise
  • it gives strength to muslims for them to be a good muslim as it shows them allah is working with them not against them
  • without mercy or compassion muslims would feel helpless

importance of belief in kalifahs

  • muslims believe humans were put on the world to act as stewards and to look after allahs world
  • being a good kalifah raises the chances of paradise as god will be happy on judgement day
  • being a good kalifah is following the 5 pillars and shari'ah law given in the qur'an

importance of belief in al-qadar and freedom

  • allah has future plans for everyone and knows the choices muslims will make however humans have free-will to make these choices
  • this belief helps muslims to not feel alone and to fel safe as they know Allah will not betray them- he will guide them through life
  • re-inforces the belief that allah is


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