Belfast Confetti

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The author was a young man in Belfast when 'The Troubles' began in 1969. Irish republicans objected strongly to presence of British soldiers.

Belfast Confetti is the objects and rubble thrown by rioters

Saracen is a military tank vehicle

Kremlin is the Russian word for fortress

Written in first person, a dramatic desription is given on what it would have been like to be caught up in violence in the aftermath of an IRA bomb, the author's confusion is shown when he cannot answer straightforward questions from the British soldiers. Nothing makes sense.

Regular use of enjambement effectively throws emphasis on single words like 'explosion' and 'stuttering'. The natural breaks at the end of line 16 stresses his confused state.

It is ironic how nuts and bolts are used for destruction when they are used for holding things together and how confetti is normally used for celebrations.

Short and jerky sentences are contrasted with lists which


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