Behaviourist approach

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The Behaviourists are only interested in EOB as this is what they can see on the outside of the body. Anything else is considered as unscientific. This means they reject the work of the biological and cognitive approach. This means that when they are conducting their research they are not interested in the inner workings of the mind they are only interested in things that they can observe.

Watson stated that if you gave him a healthy infant then he could shape them to become anything he wanted them to. This is what he called a blank slate. This means that they believe that we do not inherit any psychological attribute such as personality.

The behaviourists believe that we can find things out about human behaviour through animal research. Other approaches such as the humanists would argue that we cant take research done on animals and generalise it to humans as we are qualitatively different. This means that Animals and humans are too different to be able to draw comparisons between the way that the 2 species behave when in certain circumstances. They would…


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