Behaviourist approach

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The Behaviourist Approach

Key assumptions of the behaviourist approach:

  • All behaviour is learnt via Classical Conditioning or Operant Conditioning -the environment determines our behaviour.
  • scientific methods should only be used for observable behaviour

Key words :

Conditioning- This is the method by which behaviour is changed.

Classical conditioning- This is learning via association e.g Pavlov's Dogs

Operant conditioning-This is learning via consequences e.g giving a  child a detention for not doing homework would make them afraid of future consequenes and then do homework.

Extinction- Behaviour that has been previously reinforced no longer reinforced by concequences.

Positive reinforcement - Reward for good/ desired behaviour. the positive consequences makes it more likely for that behaviour to occur.

Negative reinforcement- Removal of an unpleasant consequence increases the likelihood of a behaviour being repeated.

Punishment- Concequence which leads to extinguished behaviour . The behaviour will not be repeated.


Classical Conditioning:

Pavlov's experiment:

  • Unconditioned stimulus (US) produces an unconditioned response (UR)

                                        food  (US) --> salivation…


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