Before You Were Mine Poem

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  • Created by: Harriet
  • Created on: 20-05-11 20:22


-4 stanzas, 5 lines each

-you can visualise the events like photos in an album

-regular structure may connote to regularity of time passing

-structure doesn't change, perhaps reflects how we cannot change the fact that we lose our glamour and youth, we just have to accept it


-'Before You Were Mine'-interesting title, sounds like something a parents would say to a child. 'Mine' suggests closeness between the daughter and mother, and possessiveness perhaps

-'Marilyn'-comparison to Marilyn Monroe perhaps-glamorous 50's icon.

-'ballroom with…




Alot of work, suprised you haven't been entered for A level, never mind GCSE level.

Really impressed Harriet :)

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