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Often a bearing question in an exam will look like this:

Find the bearing of A from B

Figure showing unknown angle (

3 key points:

  • Always start your measurement facing North!
  •                            All bearings are measured clockweise from northline
  •                                 All bearings has to have 3 figures, add 0 too any

                                                   number bellow 100, e.g:

                                                             043*, 006*, 001*

Steps :

1.  Always find the word 'From', and put your pencil on that point. in this case you put your pencil on point B, "Find the bearing of A from B".

2. Sometimes you are not provided with a Northline, draw it yourself! Just go on point B and draw a line facing north.

3. Start measurment




Thanks alot! It actually helped me understand bearings more!