Battles in the Wars of the Roses

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Battles that occured during the Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses was made up of several battles and skirmishes between the Lancastrian and the Yorkist forces. 

The Battle of St Albans, 1455

This battle makred the beggining of the civil war. By confronting King Henry VI with an armed force the Duke of York had laid down the means by which the nobility of England wouls settle their quarells and this was by fighting. Richard of Yorks aim in this battle was the destruction of Somerset  and the elimination of Margret of Anjou's influence of her husband, the king. York was determind to become the king's cheif councillor, in order to become the power behind the throne. Henry VI summoned York to Leicester to explain himself, however York attended the meeting with a force of over 3000 men. The king only had 2000 so he was forced to negotiate. However the failure of the talks led to the battle that left 60-70 men dead, and a king with an arrow wound. Amoung the dead the kings principal advisr, Somerset and Hnery Percy, Earl of Northumberland. Although York had succeded he lack support from other nobles which wa necessary if he was to control the king and his goverment. However the king and York came to a compromise and York was made the king's prinicpal adviser, and when the king lapsed into insanity again in 1455 York served a second term as protector. 

The Battle of Blore Heath, 1459

Convinced that York was plotting to take the throne, Queen Margret and her prinicpal ally, Humphrey Stafford, Duike of Buckingham, raised an army to destroy the yorkists. York and his supporters, Salisbury and Warwick each


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