Battle of Hastings

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Three main people:

harold the second (Harold godwinson) was crowned the king of England in January 1066

september 25th 1066, Norwegian king, Harold hardrada, fought for the throne at the battle of Stamford bridge 

3 days later, William, duke of Normandy landed at Sussex. He was a Norman, strong military commander and claimed kind edward had named him heir.  Claimed to the throne. 

William was told about harolds coronation whilst hunting. William claimed that Harold had come to France in 1064 to swear on religious relics to support him on being the next king Of England. 

he was annoyed by the man who claimed to support him. 
he had defied an oath to God. 

william began to gather support and plan his invasion, promise land in England to those who helped aid him. Pope blessed him by giving him an issue of the Papal mannor. 
william had an army of around 7000 men, and a fleet of 700 ships. by the time they were ready to sail, a strong wind hit. Forcing him to wait for several weeks. In late September the winds changed and Norman's sailed to southern England. 
william provoked Harold by devastating his former earldom and waited for Harold to come to him…


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