Basic Elements of an ICT network

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No Cables
Connect to network or communicate with other computers wirelessly. The data transfer medium is in the air through which the raido waves travel

Enable people to connect to the interent or LAN wirelessly. This means they can work anywhere they can get a radio signal for their network
There are many public places people can access wirelessly using a person's laptop or portable device. These places where you can access the interent using Wi-Fi which are caused Hot Spots
To set up a small Wi-Fi network you need:
A broadband connection to the interent
A router
Wi-Fi enabled computers

How Wi-Fi Works 

  • Router is connected to the interent by a high-speed broadband connction
  • The router recieves data from the interent
  • Transmits data as radio sifnal using an antenna
  • The computers wireless adapter picks up the…


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