Basic Elements of an ICT network

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Basic elements of an ICT network

  • Communication devices
  • Networking software
  • Data transfer media
  • Standards and procedures

Communication Devices

Pices of hardware that are needed to turn stand alone computers into networked computers

Network Interface Card (NIC)

Needed before a computer will need to have a NIC. 
Is a card containing circuitry along with a socket.
These socket allows the connection between the computer and the cabling.
It is slotted into the motherboard of the computer. 
Converts data from the form that can be transmitted through the network medai (e.g. metal cable, fibre optic cable or air).

  • Prepares data for sending over the network
  • Sends the data
  • Controls the flow of data from the computer to the transmission medium 

Device that is used to join all computers in a network so that they are able to share files and an internet connection

Similar to a hub in that they are used to join multiple computers in a network
Contain more intellegince as they can inspect pockets of data so that they are forwarded appropiately. It reduces the amount of data sent to a computer as it only sends a packet of data to the computer intended for.
This then speeds the network up

Hardware devices that join several networks together
Usually a combination of hardware and software which act as a gateway so small home computer networks can be connected to…


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