Baron and Cohen- Groups


Independent groups design. Partcipants were tested in a quiet room, their own home, a researcher's clinic or a laboratory in Cambridge university.

Group 1:

  • 16 subjects with high funtioning Autism
  • 13 male, 3 female
  • 18-49 years of age = mean is 28.6
  • Shows classic signs of Autism.

These subjects were selected for of being at least normal intelligence (IQ greater than 85). They were recruited through clinical resouces known to the researchers and volunteers who responded to an advert in the local Communication (mag for national autistic society).

Group 2:

  • 50 normal population
  • 25 male, 25 female
  • 18-48 years of age = mean is 30

These subjects were from the general population of Cambridge. It was established by self-report that none of them…


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