Bandura 1961 Evaluation

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Genraliseability - 

narrow sample, only 3- 5 year olds 37 and 69 monts mean of 52 months old and only from american nursers therefore the sample is ethno centric and cannot be genralised to everyone 

Reliability - 

Inter rater reliability independant observers collated their observations before the experiment by judgng p's behaivour on a five point scoring system and had a collation of 89 showing that the experiment had high inter rater reliability therefore results were valid

There was high control, the experiment used a standardised prcedure in the third room toys wer placed in the smae positions each time and there were scripts for the models to follow repeating their behaivours a number of 3 times within the 10 min frst stage.

Application To Real Life - 

The study has


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