Balance Sheets

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Balance Sheets

This shows a summary of everything that a business owns (assets) and what it owes (liabilities) in order to calculate the net worth of the business at a set point in time.

The components are: (Part 1)

Fixed assets

Items owned by the business that it will keep for more than one year e.g. premises

Current assets

Items owned by the business that are to be sold or used within one year e.g. stock

Current liabilities

Items that a business owes that are to be paid back within one year e.g. an overdraft

Part 1 of the balance sheet shows where the money is tied up in the business in assets, and where it is owned in liabilities.




An excellent revision sheet on the components of the balance sheet with a useful test yourself facility. The notes can also be used to create other revision tools eg mind map, poster etc.

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