B7 ideas in context revision questions OCR GCSE 2011 21 century science

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1) what component of sunlight causes skin damage - explain how

2)  free radicals damage skin cells - single oxygen atoms explain the use of vit A in the cream

3) draw a labeled section of skin 

4 what is meant by the term peer reviewed?

5 Why is sue's statement incorrect

6 what is epidemiology?

7 describe why epidemiological studies are used for testing medicines

8 describe the different types of trails , blind double blind etc

9 why is wendy's view wrong  

10 name…




Really good! Thanks but the answers would help a lot?

Chloe Thorn


I'm glad it helped and if i have chance i will try to put the answers up :)

Morium Khanom


this is really helpful! thanks!

please put the answers up if you can :)

Aneesah Sharif


Really good :) It was very helpful. Good luck on your exam :)

Adam Noctor


thanks so much our teacher was useless and didn't tell us this :)

Chloe Thorn


no worries thanks  for rating and commenting glad it helped- i hope to put the answers up on the night before the exam i have had 2 others before hand which needed attention more urgently !

Joshua Travers


Good but lots of the stuff in the questions we are not supposed to know - for example, a labelled diagram of the skin is not in the syllabus and it cannot be gained from the article. Anything in the people, you will have already learnt before or it can be answered purely by reading the article.

Chloe Thorn


but the article does hint at these topic areas and you must think about the topics in the case study in a broad manner 

Sophie Roche


do you have the answers for some of these questions please? your revision work has been so helpful for me :)

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