B7.1 Peak Performance Notes

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The Skeleton

Four main functions:

  • Protection
  • Blood production
  • Movement 
  • Support


Joints are made up of 5 key parts:

  • Ligaments- These hold bones together at a joint but allow movement
  • Cartilage- A smooth protective surface that covers bones provides easy movement 
  • Synovial membrane- tissue lines the joint capsule and sceretes synovial fluid
  • Synovial fluid- Lubricates and nourishes the tissues in the joint capsule
  • Tendons- A tough band that attatches muscle to bones


Before starting an excercise regime you may be asked these questions:

  • What is your family medical history? (This is incase you have a history a trainer should be aware of, for example: asthma)
  • What is your personal medical history? (Incase you personally have a condition a trainer should be aware of)
  • Are you on any medication? (If you need this medication close at hand during excercise)
  • Do you smoke/ drink regularly? (Both of these


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