B6 Biofuels (1)

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Biofuels could replace fossil fuels in the future.

Biomass is living or recently dead organic material. It has a store of energy. Energy can be transferred into more useful forms:

  • Fast growing trees (replaced quickly and easily) burnt to release heat
  • Biomass fermented by yeast and bacteria to create biogas (used as fuel)

Biogas about 70% methane (CH4) and 30% carbon dioxide (CO2). Also traces of hydrogen, nitrogen and hydrogen sulphide.

Biogas with more than 50% methane burns easily. Around 10% explosive.

Biogas made by anaerobic respiration of bacteria on waste material in a digester. Bacteria's respiration produces methane.

Biogas can be used as fuel, burned to power turbine, generate electricity. Useful for remote areas with no mains…


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