B602 - Philosophy 2

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Evil - Something that isn't good and brings harm or distress to another.A cause of concern.

Suffering - An even of what someone may experience after something bad has happened/ing

Natural evil - Evil that comes in the form of changes with in the earth, something man can't control like natural disasters (e.g: hurricanes)

Moral evil - Thoughts, actions and events caused by man choosing the wrong path, this may have derived from a bad experienced they have encountered.

Free will - The freedom to choose any path we want granted by God, the choice of good and bad

Conscious - The 'voice' or 'thought' of choosing the other path than what you originally chose and causing you to think from other points of view

Omnipresent - God is everywhere

Omnipotent - God is powerful

Omniscent - God knows everything

Omnibelovent - All loving

Bible - A sacred text to Christians

Lecturn - A special stand where the Bible is placed on

Miricle - A positive even


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