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 intoduction to perception:

when we look at something, light rays enter the pupils of each eye projecting  an image on the retina at the back of the each eye, not only are the images small,blurred and upside down  but there are two of them . from this crude  sensory input we are able to percieve one clear, there dimensional coloured image,  which is the right way up. the process whereby these crude images are interpreted  and understood is called perception. perception is the process of interpreting,organising and elaborating sensations. and it is the subject of this chapter.

perceptual abilities

the sensory imformation for vision is the light waves that when they strike the retina, are changes into electrical impulses that are transmitted to the brain. we make sence of this information interpreting it organising it and elebaborating on it the brain also is able to to fill in any gaps in our sensation in order to make an object appear whole.

visual constancies:

as we move about in our world and as the objects we look at move about, the sensory information we receive is constantly changing, but what we see does not seem to change to the same extent. this is because




Could you please elaboraTE ON THE CORE THEORY **

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