B4 Key Terms

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B4 Key Terms

Pink- Higher and Foundation Tier

Blue- Foundation Tier

Active transport- Process that can move substances across cell membranes from low concentrations to high concentrations (against the concentration gradient). Active transport uses energy and is carried out by carrier proteins in the cell membrane

Battery farming- Farming technique in which large numbers of animals are reared indoors

Biodiversity- Measure of how many different types of organisms live in an area

Biological control- Using a natural predator to control a past, instead of chemical pesticides

Chlorophyll- Green substance found in chloroplasts, where light energy is trapped for photosynthesis

Community- All the populations of organisms that live together and interact in the same area

Concentration gradient- Difference in concentration of a substance from one region to another

Decay- Breakdown of organic matter, such as dead organisms or food, by microbes

Deficiency symptoms- Unhealthy symptoms shown by plants that lack essential minerals, or by animals that lack essential mineral sin their diet

Diffusion- The spreading of the particles of a gas or a substance in solution, resulting in a net movement from a region of high concentration to a region of lower concentration. The bigger the difference in concentration, the faster the diffusion happens.

Distribution- Detail of where species are found over the total area where they occur. For example, woodlice may have a high distribution under a log

Ecosystem- System including the organisms in an area and how they interact, along with non-living conditions such as rainfall, temperature and the soil

Fish farm- Technique in which fish are bred and reared in large cages in rivers or the sea

Glass house- Structure where plants can be grown under controlled conditions

Habitat- Place where an organism lives

Hydroponics- Growing plants in greenhouses without soil. Their roots are sprayed with a solution that contains the minerals they need

Key- Series of questions used to classify organisms

Leaf- Plant organ specialised for photosynthesis

Limiting factor- Factor such as carbon dioxide level, light or temperature that will affect the rate of photosynthesis if it is in…


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