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Leaves are designed for making food by photosynthesis.

Diagram of leaf internal anatomy (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/90/Leaf_anatomy.svg/600px-Leaf_anatomy.svg.png)   (http://www.emc.maricopa.edu/faculty/farabee/biobk/C3leaf.gif) carbon dioxide + water --> glucose + oxygen   - important equation to remember for photosynthesis.    Leaves are adapted for photosynthesis: -they are broad, so a large surface area exposed to light. -they are thin, so carbon dioxide and water vapour only have to travel a short distance to reach the photosynthesising cells -are air spaces in spongy mesophyll layer. -contains lots of chlorophyll,which absorbs light energy for photosynthesis. -upper epidermis is transparent so light can pass through in to the palisade layer. -lower…




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