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B4- supporting writing development

How to support children in making connections through early mark-making and writing development:

  • provide them with encouragement from the earliest stage of development so they develop strength and confidence
  • shouldnt be afraid of making mistakes or lose confidence at a result
  • these activities support the development of children's upper body gross motor skills and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination
  • make marks as a symbolic representations of their thoughts and experiences 
  • will start to communicate through writing instead of just speech 
  • firstly use their hands to create marks
  • however they choose to express them selves encourage control and praise them and ask questions
  • be aware of the handwriting policy so there is consistency in what the children do and dont do
  • provide them with stimulating opportunities to develop their writing skills
  • make marks in shaving foam, sand, rice, flour or water
  • practice using pens brushes and water 
  • use sponges or play dough to develop hand muscles
  • threading sewing and using tweezers to help fine motor control
  • practice writing their own name

Understand how activities support the links between learning to write and learning to read:

  • sand play - experiment with letter sounds in a different context 
  • role play - encourage communication and imaginative skills 
  • painting - develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • story sacks - encourage kids to talk about how a story is constructed 
  • print making - supports handwriting development and coordination 
  • patterns - helps develop their predicition skills


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