B3 Unit 1- from osmosis

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  • It is simpily where molecules spread out from eachother


  • Is a speical type of diffusion
  • The diffusion of water molecules form a dilute solution to a more concentrated solution through a partially permeable membrane 

Active Transport 

  • when chemicals are pushed against a concentrated graident it requires energy from respiration. This is called acitve transport

what is a sports drink?

Sports drinks contain mainly 4 ingreidents: Caffiene, water, glucose, carbohydrates and minerions. It is key ro rehydrate muscles, replace lost energy and electroytes.

What are the three different types of sports drinks?

  • Hypotonic 
  • Hypertonic 
  • Isotonic 

What affect do they have?

  • Enables us to keep moving 
  • Gives us more energy from carbohydrates and sugars. keeps sugar levels high
  • Replaces water to asorb nutrients 
  • Regulates body tempertaure 
  • Keeps lungs moist to breath

Why do we need the when exercising?

  • Our body uses energy from glucose to make our muscles contract. This generates heat in whihc our body responds to by sweating to cool us down and to keep our body at a regular tempertaure.
  • We loose mineral ion and water, which casues ion/water imbalance loosing ions affects the concentration of fulids in out body. This causes our cells to become concentrated, water will then move out of the cell by osmosis and results in hydrated cells.

 Exchange of gases in the lungs

  • Lungs are speicallised for exchanging matierals
  • They are


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