B3 Revision Questions

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1: Movement of Molecules

How do dissolved substances move?

What is osmosis?

What does the PPM do?

What is active transport?

What does this require and allow?

How do plants and humans use this?

Why do sports drinks contain water, sugar and ions?

Name 4 things that make exchange surfaces efficient

What do villi and alveoli do to maximise effectiveness?

Where is the breathing system located, what does it involve and what is it protected by?

How are the thorax and abdomen divided?

What does the breathing system do?

Describe a picture of the lungs

Why are alveoli efficient at exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide?

What is ventilation?

What happens when you breathe in?

What happens when you breathe out?

What does a ventilator do?

What do root hairs do?

How are leaves adapted?



During photosynthesis what do stomata do?

What is the movement of water through a plant called?

When is evaporation most rapid?

2: Transport Systems


What does the circulatory system do and what does it consist of?

What does oxygenated blood do?

What does deoxygenated blood do?

Name the 9 main parts of the heart

What does the right side of the heart do?

What does the left side of the heart do?

What does the atrium and valves do?

What does an artificial pacemaker do?

What can be the risks?

What do the arteries do and what are they like?

What do veins do and what are they like?

What do capillaries do


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