B2(iii) - Genetics 1.

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Chromosomes Are Really Long Molecules of DNA.

1) DNA stands for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid.

2) It contains all the instructions to put an organism together and make it work.

3) It's found in the nucleus of animal and plant cells in really long molecules called chromosomes.

A Gene Codes for a Specific Protein.

1) A gene is a section of DNA. It contains the instructions to make a specific protein.

2) Cells make proteins by stringing amino acids together in a specific order.

3) Only 20 amino acids are used, but they make up thousands of different proteins.

4) Genes simply tell cells in what order to put amino acids together.

5) DNA also determines what type of protein you produce in those cells like haemoglobinkeratin etc.

6) That in turn usually determines what type


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