B2(ii) - Enzymes and Homeostasis 6.

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The Kidneys and Homeostasis.

Kidneys Basically Act as Filters to "Clean the Blood"

The kidney's perform three main roles:

1) Removal of urea from the blood.

2) Adjustment of ions in the blood.

3) Adjustment of water content of the blood.

1) Removal of Urea:

1) Proteins can't be stored by the body - so any excess amino acids are converted into fats and carbohydrates, which can be stored.

2) This process occurs in the liver. Urea is produced as a waste product from the reactions.

3) Urea is poisonous. It's released into the bloodstream by the liver. The kidney's then filter it out of the blood and it's excreted from the body in urine.

2) Adjustment of Ion Content:

1) Ions such as sodium are taken in to the body in food, and then absorbed by the blood.

2) If the ion content…


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