B2(ii) - Enzymes and Homeostasis 4.

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Uses of Enzymes.

Some micro-organisms produce enzymes which pass out of their cells and catalyse reactions outside them (e.g. to digest the micro-organisms food). These enzymes have many uses in the home and in the industry.

Enzymes Are Used in Biological Detergents.

1) Enzymes are the "biological" ingredients in biological detergents and washing powders.

2) They're mainly protein-digesting enzymes (proteases) and fat-digesting enzymes (lipases).

3) Because the enzymes attack animal and plant matter because they are ideal for removing stains like food or blood.

Enzymes are Used to Change Foods.

1) The proteins in some baby foods are "Pre-digested" using protein-digesting enzymes (proteases), so they're easier for the baby to digest.

2) Carbohydrates-digesting enzymes (carbohydrases) can be used to turn starch syrup into sugar syrup


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