B1 Topic 1: Classification

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The five Kingdoms :

Animals           Animals are heterotrophs they hunt for food.They are multicellular but they have no cell walls or chlorophyll.

Plants             Plants contain chlorophyll and are autotrophs they can make their own food by photosynthesis.They're multicellular and have rigid cell walls.

Fungi              Fungi are saprophytes they feed of dead organisms and decaying material (nice).They're multicellular and have a cell wall but no chlorophyll.

Protoctists      Protoctists are unicellular (single-celled) and have a nucleus e.g. algae

Prokaryotes    Prokaryotes are also unicellular but they don't have a nucleus e.g. bacteria.

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS.VIRUSES ARE NON-LIVING so they don't belong in any of the five kingdoms. The phylum chordata is made up of animals that all have a supporting rod-like structure that goes up the back of the body.E.g. this forms the backbone in vertabrates.

Kingdoms are subdivided into smaller and smaller groups of organisms that have common features. K


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