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  • non infectious diseases cant be caught from another person and may be caused by poor diet, organ malfuction, genetic inheritance or from cells mutating and becoming cancerous 

how cancer is developed:

  • cells divide in an abnormal and uncontrolled way developing lumps called tumours
  • a tumour growing in one place is benign
  • if cell breaks off and tumours start to grow it is described as malignant
  • a persons survival chances depend on the the type of cancer. survival chances are high in a benign tumour and if patient is young.
  • infectious diseases are caught and caused by pathogens (microorganisms) which enter the body


  • mosquito (vector) sucks blood from host
  • if malaria parasites are present in the blood they mate and pass from mosquitos gut into salivary gland
  • mosquito bites another person and passes malaria parasites into blood stream 
  • malaria moves to liver where it matures and reproduces
  • new generation of malaria parasites migrate to blood and replicates in redblood cells, bursting them open.
  • this can lead to the characteristic malria fever and can also result in death
  • skin acts as barrier against microorganisms 
  • blood clots in wounds to prevent microorganisms entering blood stream
  • respiratory system is lined with…


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