B1 Keeping Healthy: Defending against Infection

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Pathogens and Disease

Our body protects us from pathogens (microbes like bacteria and viruses that can cause disease).

Pathogens can enter the body in a multitude of different ways:

Droplet infections: 

Coughing, sneezing and talking expels tiny droplets full of pathogens from your breathing system into your surroundings. Other people can breathe in the droplets, along with the pathogens they contain, and pick up the infection.

e.g. influenza, tuberculosis, common colds

Direct contact:

Some diseases are spread by direct contain of the skin.

e.g. impetigo, some STDs like herpes, and chickenpox.

Contaminated food and drink:

Eating raw or undercooked food or drinking water containing sewage can spread disease. You get these by…




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