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Phylum is a group of living things with shared characteristics such as a rod that supports the body. All chordates from the phylum chordate and the vertebrates are a sub-group of the larger grouping:

Each sub-class:

- Kingdom    Keep

- Phylum      Plates

- Class         Clean

- Order         Or

- Family        Families

- Genus        Get

- Species      Sick

The more characteristics have in comnom the more closley related they are. Related meaning they share an evolutionary history which links them to a common ancestor.

Five is the basic digits for most vertebrates, which is why it is called a pentadactyle limb.

Not all living things fit neatly into categories based on anatomy or reproductive methods. Also, new organisms with unusual characteristics are always being discovered. This makes it difficult to place them into distinct groups such as the duck-billed platypus.

Binomial classification

Classifying living things identifies them. Binomial classification does this with particular accuracy by labelling a species with two identifiers, a Genus and a species.



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