B1 genoms and characteristics

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Chromosomes are really long molecules of DNA

1) The genome is the entire genetic material of an organism

2)In plant and animal cells genetic material is stored in nuceus and rranged into chromosomes.

3)Normally coming in pairs e.g. humans have 23 pairs (6 total)

4)each chromosome is a very long molecule of DNA coiled up.

5)DNA is a polymer.DNA is made from momers called nucleotides.

6)each DNA contains two strand of nucleotides, which coil together to form a double helix ( a double stranded spiral)

Genes are instructions in a genome

1)A gene is a short length of DNA on a chromosome 

2)Each codes for a particular sequence of amino acids, together make a specific protien.

3)Protiens control development of different characteristics.(e.g.


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