AW Plain Indians/Native Americans

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The American West

Plains Indians

How did white people view the Native Americans? They thought they were savage and violent. As they didn't read or write, white people thought they were un-educated and in-superior. 

Buffalo were very important in the NA way of life, they used all of the buffalo and left nothing to waste. Buffalo provided the main source of food, the flesh was cooked or dried (pemmican). Its skin (hide) was used to make clothing, bedding, tipis, waterbags etc. Dung was used for fuel, the tail was used as a fly swat and buffalo fat was used as soap. 

Society: The NA society was made up of many tribes (sioux, apache) , a tribe was not led by an induvialual, but by a group of elders. Although chiefs did have alot of respect from the tribe, cheifs weren't elected or inherited, they became chief through bravery or wisdom.

Family Life:  Arranged marriage took place in some tribes, the man


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