Autism and diagnosing autism.

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Key words

Autism is derived from the Greek word ‘autos’ meaning self.

The National Autism society defined autism as a complex, lifelong disability which affects a person’s social and communication skills.

It is a PERVASIVE MENTAL DISORDER; a severe impairment in several areas of development which starts early in childhood and becomes apparent as the child begins to develop.

Kanner (1943)-early behavioural descriptions of autism

·         Autistic aloneness (inability to relate).

·         Desire for sameness (likes a routine).

·         Islets of ability, known as autistic savants: they have exceptional talents, e.g. maths, art, memory and music.

AO1-An example of an autistic savant is Stephen Wilshire, he has an exceptional artistic ability and only draws New York and London; he likes them.

AO1-Kanner assumed that autistics must have high cognitive functions


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