Audience Theory

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Researchers Blulmer and Katz expanded this theory and published their own in 1974, stating that individuals might choose and use a text for the following purposes (ie uses and gratifications):

Ø  Diversion - escape from everyday problems and routine. It includes all kinds of emotions, pleasure and other moods of the people. People use media like television to satisfy their emotional needs. The best example is people watch serials and if there is any emotional or sad scene means people used to cry.

Ø  Personal Relationships - using the media for emotional and other interaction eg) substituting soap operas for family life. It encompasses the need to socialize with family, friends and relations in the society. For social interaction now a days people do not seems to have social gathering in weekend, instead they do such social interaction using media like the social networking sites like my space, facebook, orkut etc to satisfy their need. Another example is you may not watch the particular serial regularly but because your friend watching, you also start


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