Audience of a text


Section A-

They usually ask you to consider and talk about the audience and purpose of the text.

You ca usually find clues about the audience. Their age, relative status and how the writer feels about them in the language of the text, e.g if a text contains simple sentences and basic lexis, its likley to be for the more younger audience.

The audience could either be aimed at everyone in general or  more specifc people.

For example, if it is to a specifc audience such as people who like cars, then jargon and field specifc lexis is going to be used. The writer might have a target audience that they know quite a lot about so will choose language that they expect will be understood and have an effect on the memebers of the target audience.

They usually engage with the audience via the use of first person- can make the text seem more personal and encourages certain feelings. For example, ' it takes


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