Audience comparison essay ('Life on Mars' and 'Scott and Bailey' and 'poirot')

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 A primary audience for 'Life on Mars' may be fans of crime similarly for 'Scott and Bailey'. This is similar for an audience watching 'Poirot'. For each of these TV programmes the primary audience, according to the young and rubicam model, may be a Mainstreamer who their core in life is security. However, an audience for 'Life on Mars' and 'Scott and Bailey' would more likely be aged 15 and over whereas owing to the more sophisticated nature of the programme, audiences watching 'Poirot' may be much older. 

'Life on Mars', would have a cross-gender appeal, male viewers may identify with either Tyler or Hunt, they may see these men as role models they may aspire to be like them. Whereas a female audience may find either Tyler or Hunt attractive. They may also identify with Annie. This is similar for viewers of Scott and bailey. 

Viewers may also enjoy the thrill of crime. For 'Life on Mars' an audience may also be a fan


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