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Themes & Quotes

. 1992 - Mujahideen take over - Pg 253 pg 270 = Taliban rules 


"clumbsy little harami" - Nana verbally abusing Mariam - system of abuse

."They laugh at you. They do. I hear them." - Nana emotionally manipulating Mariam, further ostracising her from others (PG 14)

."When I'm gone you'll have nothing. You'll have nothing. You are nothing!" - Nana when M tries to leave (P27) - Verbally abusing her daughter

."She saw the gun first." - Theme/idea of violence hidden in R as M sees gun in his draw. "Rasheed owned something whose sole purpose was to kill another person." (P81) 

."His apetite, on the other hand, was fierce, sometimes boardering on violent." - M describing R in bed - shows his violent side slowly coming out. (P83) 

." wasn't easy tolerating him talking this way to her, to bear his scorn, his ridicule, his insults, his walking past her like she was nothing but a house cat. But after 4 years of marrige, Mariam saw clearly how much a woman could tolerate when she was afraid. And Mariam was adriad. She lived in fear of his shiting moods, his volatile temperment....on occasion, he would resolve with punches, slaps, kicks" - (P 98) 

. "Sisters. All three *****. Their throats slashed. Someone had bitten the rings off their fingers. You could tell, they had teeth marks-" - T telling L of some news - shows the horrors women face in war. (Pg 172)

."Shooting civilians down below, men, women, children, chosen at random." (P 1720) "Killing indiscriminately. Every day, bodies were found tied to trees, sometimes burned beyone recognition. Often, they'd been shot in the head, had their eyes gouged out, their tounges cut off." 

."There would be bodies to step around in the morning. Some would be collected. Others not. Then Kabul's dogs, who had developed a taste for human meat, would feast." (P183)

."Bloodhounds and bandits at every turn." (209)

."Mariam heard of women who were killing themselves out of fear of being *****, and men who, in the name of honour, would kill their wives or daughters if they'd been ***** by the militia." (247)

."Laila didn't see the punch coming." (261) "Hair was ripped from Laila's scalp, and her eyes watered with pain." "Downstairs, the beating began. a methodical, familiar proceeding. There was no cursing, no screaming, no pleading, no surprised yelps, only the systematic buisness of beating and being beaten."

."A young Talib beat Laila with a radio antenna . " (313)

."He swung a belt at Laila."...."Mariam lost count of how many times the belt cracked." ..."she saw fingers clawing at Rasheed's face....shock and relish, that the fingers were hers." "Mariam saw now in those same eyes what a fool she had been. Had she been a decietful wife? Had she ever justly deserved this meanness?" "Snarling teeth and blazing eyes." - R's become like an animal "He meant to suffocate her," "He's going to kill her,....And…


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