Attitudes towards language change

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Perscriptivists vs descriptivists

Perscriptivists want to restrict variation. However, perscriptivists would have benefits such as providing a standard english that helps english users from across the world to learn and communicate reliably.

Political Correctness

seeks to reduce and remove offense caused to particular individuals or groups through prejudice and discrimination. Used to render language neutral. Swift and Miller created 3rd person singular gender neutral pro-noun tey, ter, tem to replcase his.

The attitude of PC is to remove negative connotations from language use. But people fear the loss of freedom of speech. They also feel it will just be an 'euphimism treadmill and continue'. The language could become unwiedly by making easy to say words longer 'blind' to 'visually impaired' .

Colloquial language and pronounciation

colloquial language and pronounciation used on…


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