Attitudes towards women

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How attitudes changed:

  • 1882 Married Women's Property Act- allowed women to keep their property separate from their husbands
  • 1892 Local Government Act- gave women the right to stand as councillors 
  • 1928 Representation Of The People Act- allowed women over 30 to vote in parlimentary elections
  • 1928 Electoral Reform Act- equal rights for women voting and allowed women to stand as MP's
  • 1970 Equal Pay Act- employers must give women the same pay as men for the same work
  • 1975 Sex Discrimination Act- illegal to discriminate in employment on grounds of gender or whether someone is married. Also gave women the right to take people to court if mistreated

Why attitudes have changed:

  • Two World Wars
    Men were out at war so women took over jobs. Proved capability 
  • The Suffragettes
    Forced government to see what was


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