Attitudes towards food and eating behaviour - OUTLINE

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Attitudes towards food and eating behaviour - OUTLINE

Our attitudes to food and our eating and dieting behaviours can be influenced by many factors, ranging from our ethnicity to our mood. What are some of the factors which determine how we eat, and what effects do they have upon us?

Cultural influences:

  • Ethnicity - Our ethnicity can apparently affect out attitudes towards food and our eating behaviours, for example researchers have claimed that body dissatisfaction and eating disorders (such as bulimia nervosa) are more characteristic of white women than of black and Asian women (Powell and Khan). According to some researchers, there is also an effect called the 'acculturation effect', which influences our eating behaviours when we move or travel abroad. It is claimed that when in another culture, our attitudes towards food will slowly become aligned with those of the culture we are in.
  • Religion - One's religious beliefs can also alter eating behaviour, for example numerous religions promote fasting as a


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