Attachment Method of loci

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Attachment Loci


Learning theory

As you walk into reception, sitting on the desk is Donald duck eating a Muller light yoghurt, he believes that the key to forming an attachment is food! The more he eats the more attached he becomes! He is looking at two people sitting on the red chairs; one is a skin head man that is skinning a part of the rat every time the rat misbehaves (operant conditioning). And on another chair is an opera singer named Pavlov that is singing about dogs and classical conditioning with two tubes coming out of his saliva glands. As you look up you see a rhesus monkey sitting on top of the TV screen and he’s cuddling a cloth toy while throwing poo at Donald duck because he thinks Donald’s theory is absolute rubbish. Just then 60 Glaswegian babies all wearing kilts come running through the front door and trampling poor Donald and his silly theory. As they run the operant skin head man and the classical opera singing Pavlov run to cuddle with the cloth toy too (seek comfort when scared not Donald duck and his muller yoghurt).


Evolutionary theory

To escape the madness in reception, you walk down towards first aid, where a bowl of bees is there to great you, the bowl of bees has evolutionary theory on the front. Music starts playing as you walk down the corridor it’s a sort of variation of born to be wild although it has replaced the word wild with attach. 3-6 geese come waddling out of the first aid room they are waddling after Lorenz who was the first thing they saw when born (critical period/imprinting) and just as you think you haven’t seen enough strange things since your trip into school a pyramid of people all wearing blue jumpers saying “ monotropy! I’m a secondary attachment!” apart from the mum on top with a baby clinging to her, her red jumper says “I’m a PGC!” the baby starts crawling up and down the human pyramid dressed as a tourist however every few minutes he keeps crawling back to the top where pgc is to use her as a secure base. Just then two more babies run in to climb the pyramid both wearing theatre masks one sad one happy (social releasers). The bowl of bees the geese and all the blue jumper wearing people start chanting and pointing at PGC singing “she sets the rules and expectations!” (Internal working model). And then crowds of children come running into be friends with the baby on the pyramid because he had a secure attachment (continuity hypothesis).


Strange situation

In the library, Mr heinz is conducting an experiment, instead of bookshelves there are four giant sets of words “willingness to explore”, “stranger anxiety”, “separation anxiety” and “reunion behaviour”, it turns out you are the stranger in the strange situation! Lucky you! There are three babies going through the strange situation as you come in all whereing


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