Attachment- Bowlby's Maternal Deprivation Theory

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Bowlby's theory prior to the monotropic theory is this maternal deprivation theory, that suggests that continual presence of a mother/ substitute's nurture is essential for normal psychological development emotionally and intellectually. Prolonged eraly separation leads to serious damage and consequence to the emotional and intellectual development. 

Separataion= child not in the presence of the primary attachment figure. If the child is deprived i.e. lose her element of care, this then becomes a problem. Brief separations such as when the child is with a suitable substitute, is not significantly affecting their development but extended separation can lead to deprivation and cause harm and damage.

Bowbly saw the first 30 months as the critical period for psychological development. If a child is separated from their mother and in the absence of a suitable substitute care and so deprived of her emotional care for an extended care period during this period, the psychological damage was inevitable (unavoidable).

Effects on Intellectual development: If children deprived of maternal care, for a long time during the critical period then, they'd suffer mental retardation + have low IQ- demonstrated in Goldfarb's adoption study. There was low IQ


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