Attachment- Ainsworth's Strange situation

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Strange situation was developed by Ainsworth, whivh is a controlled observation designed to test attachment security. Infants assessed on their response to playing in an unfamiliar playroom, being left alon with a stranger, being left alone and reunion with caregiver.

A: Observe key attachment behaviours as a means of assessing the quality of a child's attachment to a caregiver.

P: Behaviours used to judge attachment:

1) Proximity seeking- stay close to cargiver 

2) Exploration sercure-base behaviour- Infant is confident to explore by having the caregiver as a secure base to feel safe.

3) Stranger anxiety

4) Serparation anxiety

5) Reunion response

1- Child and caregiver enter unfamiliar playroom and the child is encouraged to explore. Tests: 2)

2- Stranger comes in and tries to interact with infant. Tests: 3)

3- Caregiver leaves stranger and infant alone.Tests: 3) and 4)

4- Caregiver returns and stranger leaves. Tests: 5)

5- Caregiver leaves infant alone. Tests: 4)

6- Stranger returns. Tests: 3)

7- Caregiver returns. Tests: 5)

F+C: Distinct patterns in the


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