Attachement Types- The Strange Situation

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Attachment types are tested using Ainsworth's strange situation (1970). You can identify an attachement type by there behaviour during the strange situation.

Secure Attachment 

The securely attached child would be willing to explore the environment using there mother as a safe base. They would show distress on seperation but most would be easy to soothe. Furthermore, They would be fearful of the stranger when alone, but friendly when with mother. Finally, the child would be enthusiatic and happy to see parent on reunion.

Insecure-Avoidant Attachment

The insecure-avoidant attached child would be willing to explore the environment with/without mother. They would not show any distress on seperation. Furthermore, When a stranger enters they would not be fearful even when alone. Finally the child would show little interest when mother returns

Insecure-Resistant Attachment

The insecure-resistant attached child would not be willing to explore the environment, so cries more and explores less than the other two types. They would…


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