ATP, inorganic ions and water

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  •  ATP - is a nucleotide derivative and the hydrolysis of ATP is used as energy in things such as active transport, making molecules, mitosis and muscle contraction. 
    • The hydrolysis of ATP (to ADP and Pi) requires ATP hydrolase. The released Pi can be used to make other compounds more reactive known as phosphorylation. 
    • ATP is made in a condensation reaction of ADP and Pi and requires ATP synthase. 
  • Inorganic ions - inorganic = doesn’t contain carbon. Ion = has a positive or negative charge 
    • Iron Ions - found in haemoglobin. Haemoglobin has a quaternary structure (4 polypeptide chains each with an Fe2+ . The Fe2+ binds to the oxygen. TheFe2+ becomesFe3+ when oxygen is bound. 
    • Hydrogen ions


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