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The fountain scene :  Cecelia : Pov

- Cecelia takes the vase outside to fill it @ the fountain

- He persists and between them they break off the part of the rim , fragments  fall in the bottom of the fountain

- Cecelia punishes Robbie by silently ********** and plunging into the water to retrieve the broken pieces

- She goes back to the house without speaking to him
   She does not want Robbie "to atone" for his mistakes. She wants Robbie to feel bad as possible 'Drowning herself could be his punishment'

- Cecelia thinks that the awkwardness between them is due to their difference in social class, In reality  is their mutual attention that makes them nervous in each other's presence 
Their relationship is based on misinterpretation. 2 days before Robbie had removed his shoes & socks when Polly was cleaning the hall. Cecelia misinterprets thinking he had done it on purpose to mock her 'everything he did was designed to distance her'

Briony Pov

 Looking from the nursery room window Briony sees Cecelia & Robbie. Briony misinterprets what she was seeing

At first Briony expects a proposal of marriage, she herself had written a tale in which 'a humble woodcutter' Robbie - middle class saves the princess Cecelia -  upper middle class from drowning

She accepts his marriage proposal…


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